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Moorhead Brothers, Inc. (MBI) is a clearing and site development company headquartered in Blacksburg, South Carolina. Our experience spans generations; from our beginning as a family business in 1977 to the creation of Moorhead Brothers, Inc. in 2008. We pledge to provide our customers with quality, safety, and cost-effective project performance.


Moorhead Brothers, Inc. works with clients in many different industries requiring land clearing services. We work with the energy sector for electric, gas and solar projects, the real estate sector for commercial and residential projects, and the Department of Transportation just to name a few.

What We Do

Moorhead Brothers, Inc. provides our clients with the following services:
– Clearing
– Timber Felling
– Right of Way Services
– Site Development
– Grinding

How We Do Business

At MBI we work very closely with our clients to understand the full scope of the project and to exceed their expectations. MBI is known for project workmanship, effective project management, meeting scheduled benchmarks and deadlines, and project adaptability. We achieve our project goals by focusing on safety, client communication and completing our work as efficiently as possible.


Trust, Respect, Diversity, Partnership, Performance, and Quality are the driving factors that encompass the MBI spirit.

Operational Excellence

At Moorhead Brothers, Inc. our employees feel a sense of pride in their work that stems from our leadership team and the standards we set to achieve operational excellence including: Safe Operations, Reliability, Efficiency, Communication, Accountability, and Compliance.


Call us: 864-839-5488

Quick Facts

Number of Employees on staff averages 125.

  • Management – 12
  • Administrative/Office – 8
  • Shop/Field – Approx. 100
  • Moorhead Brothers Inc. began in 2008.
  • DUNS #: 829319263

Contractor Licensed in 4 states:

North Carolina
South Carolina
West Virginia

Service Regions:

  • Southeast

Core Markets

Electric & Gas

– Our crews are experienced in clearing for both Gas Pipeline and Transmission Lines.

– Employees are skilled in aerial tree trimming and we employ experienced climbers and bucket truck operators.

– Our crews are well trained in directional timber felling and always follow safe cutting practices.


– Moorhead Brothers, Inc. has completed the clearing operations for many solar farm projects.

– Our extensive experience with mass/bulk acreage clearing is why Solar has become one of our core markets.

– As solar farm operations continue to expand and become more prevalent so too does MBI’s experience in clearing for those projects.

Commercial & Residential

– Our background in clearing and site development services are why commercial and residential construction companies seek out MBI for their projects.

– As a licensed contractor, our clearing, grinding, excavation and erosion control processes are paramount in site development projects.

– MBI is proud of our involvement in projects for charitable organizations and community improvement initiatives.

Disaster Relief

– Moorhead Brothers, Inc. has answered the call time and again for disaster recovery efforts.

– We have put our clearing, grinding and hauling abilities to good use in the clean-up and recovery for post hurricane disaster relief.

– MBI’s talents in recovery efforts have also been utilized in the removal of record breaking snow falls. 

Conservation and Environmental Efforts

Moorhead Brothers Inc. is conscious of the impact our business has on the environment and we take strides to lessen the impact of our work on the planet. We work very closely with our sister company, Mulch Services, Inc. to ensure that the trees we remove are recycled in ways that benefit others. In addition to using the trees as a source of mulch for plants, flower beds and landscaping, the mulch is also used for silt sock production. Silt socks are an environmentally friendly option for erosion and sediment control measures as well as waterway protection.

In addition to our recycling efforts we are also mindful of the impact on endangered species. MBI works in coordination with the forestry service on the conservation of the Indiana brown bat. We ensure that our cutting practices are in compliance with the forestry service guidelines to not disturb the bat’s roost trees during the summer months.